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Mid Rivers Newsmagazine to launch new publication

We are very excited to introduce tour/st, a lifestyle magazine from the publishers of Mid Rivers and West Newsmagazines. Tour/st is designed for residents of St. Louis and St. Charles counties and celebrates the unique characteristics of our hometowns. You can find the spring/summer edition of tour/st at a news stand near you starting on April 15.

When was the last time you took a really nice vacation? We bet that about 95 percent of you just answered, “it’s been too long.” [Even if it really hasn’t been.] Everybody loves a vacation. A company called Travelex conducted a survey and discovered that the average person spends 113 hours per year thinking about vacation. Not being on vacation, just thinking about vacation.

It’s no wonder we love vacation so much. We build it up in our minds. We research. We seek things out. We explore. We discover. We tour.

We treat our vacations as adventures; planning and living them as intentional opportunities to be joyful. Why don’t we treat the rest of our lives the same way?

We are all prone to falling victim to the mundanity of our familiar lives. We travel the same routes so often they become a blur, the visual version of Charlie Brown’s teacher. We miss the new restaurant that opened. We do not hear about the new art installation or theater production. We become so local that we forget to be a tourist.

Our new magazine will change that. Tour/st is a love letter to our hometowns. It will educate you, inspire you and simply remind you that we live in an amazing place. It is a place worthy of our attention and worthy of our intention to be joyful – right now, right here. Our happiness does not need to wait for a vacation.

Tour/st seeks to make the seemingly familiar feel brand new again. That room in your house that never gets used enough? Tour/st can inspire you to turn that room into your own oasis.

Those outings you love to take when you are traveling? Tour/st will share some adventures you can embark upon every weekend, right around town.

For decades, we have been fortunate to tell the stories of our communities. We have been able to educate and inform and hold our governments accountable. That is our responsibility and our honor as your hometown newsmagazine.

Now, tour/st gives us the opportunity to celebrate those communities. We get to share much that we have learned, and even to learn right along with you. We get to research, seek things out, explore, discover and tour this wonderful area where we live.

Let’s go on vacation together, right here in our hometown.

• • •

Tour/st will be published in the spring and fall. The high-quality, gloss magazine will be available at more than 400 locations, including Schnucks and Dierbergs stores.

PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS: Check out tour/st in April to find these photos and related articles.  

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