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A’mis Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria: Where good food and smiles are guaranteed

Shabtai Moria [left] and Ami Damte [right] welcome guests to A’mis Italian Restaurant.

“How was everything?”

A’mis Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria co-owner Shabtai Moria asked that question as a customer strolled toward the door.

“Very good, as usual,” came the replay.

“Did you hear that? Good as usual. That’s what I love to hear,” Moria said. “Since the day we opened 12 years ago, that’s what we work hard for every day.”

Moria credits his team for consistently delivering the high-quality food and service that A’mis customers have grown to expect. Those loyal customers have supported A’mis since day one.

Consistent, great-tasting food paired with attentive service and reasonable pricing has made A’mis a family favorite. Its menu offers a solid selection of Italian specialties and a choice of four pizza styles.

Counted among its pies are St. Louis-style – thin and square cut, of course, Chicago deep-dish options, New York-style and Manhattan-style, which Moria describes as a giant 19-inch built on a New York-style crust.

Moria knows when it comes to pizza it’s about the crust. A fact A’mis embraced when developing its pizza dough recipes. The result is pizzas baked with maximum flavor and texture  that are unique to each style and layered with house-made sauce and fresh ingredients.

“All our pizza dough is made from scratch every day – using different recipes and different flours. It makes a big difference you can taste,” said Moria, explaining how most other pizzerias use a single dough. “When we make the dough for our St. Louis-style pizza, it’s not like any other crust that’s out there. Others are more like a cracker. Ours is not. Ours is thin, flaky and crunchy. The same is true of our Chicago-style deep dish. It is made with its own special dough that has great flavor and bakes up tender. And like all our pizzas, we top them with our own sauce [and] fresh ingredients we prep each day. We even have our own special sausage made for us in Chicago.”

If you’ve never had a Manhattan, you really should give it a try. It’s the pizza featured on A’mis’ daily lunch special, which consists of a giant slice of cheese pizza with a salad. It’s a toothsome lunch deal that’s hard to beat. Of course, you always can add sausage or pepperoni for just a little bit more.

Pizzas aren’t the only custom-made menu items hungry patrons can enjoy. And, as Moria said, “Everything we do is scratch work.”

A peek in the kitchen reveals simmering sauce pots; meatballs being spiced, mixed and shaped by hand; trays of rising dough and a chef whisking batches of house-made salad dressing.

A’mis’ signature  house dressing is a delicate, yet creamy dressing that blends savory with sweet. There’s even a hint of anchovy. The dressing has won legions of fans who continually beg Moria to bottle and sell it.

A’mis may not bottle the dressing, but it, along with everything else on the menu, is available via carry-out and catering.

In addition to its famous pizzas, A’mis is known for entrees such as its custom-cut steaks paired with a salad and a side for a full meal deal and its pastas and sandwiches.

“Everything on the menu is made fresh to order. And if you don’t see what you like, ask. If we have the ingredients, we’ll make it for you,” Moria said.

Taking extra steps delivers TLC that ensures A’mis guests will have a rewarding dining experience – every time!

“My goal  is to make our customers  happy,” said Moria. “When I see the customer leaving with a smile, I know we’ve done our job. And that’s what makes my day. That’s why I say, ‘Just give us a try and you’ll be hooked.’”

3728 Monticello Plaza • O’Fallon • (636) 329-8787 • www.amispizza.com

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sunday


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