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Public meeting scheduled to evaluate roadway concerns, solutions for Route N

On Feb. 21, a public open house will be held at Liberty High, 2275 Sommers Road in Lake St. Louis, to gauge public input regarding an upcoming environmental study of Route N from west of South Pointe Prairie Road to the Interstate 64/Route 364 interchange in west St. Charles County.

The total length of the studied area is about eight miles and spans multiple municipalities including O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis. The western project limit will be the David Hoekel Parkway Interchange, and the eastern limit is marked by the I-64/Route 364 interchange.

The study map showing that area that will be evaluated in regard to possible traffic solutions for an 8-mile corridor of Route N. [RouteNStudy.com]

The goal of the study is to identify current transportation needs and concerns, such as documented cases of traffic stacking at the Route N-Route Z intersection and in areas like Hopewell Road; and explore possible alternatives and solutions. Residential input will be part of that evaluation.

The study is a cooperative effort between the Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT] and the Federal Highway Administration. It is being completed in partnership with St. Charles County and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.

According to the project website, daily traffic on Route N ranges from an estimated 5,500 vehicles west of Route Z to about 18,000 vehicles to the west of I-64.

The study began in summer of 2018. A previous open house on the issue was held in November. As part of the process, a Community Advisory Group [CAG] was established to assist the study team and provide stakeholder input, review information, study findings and deliver information to the general public.

While the CAG’s role is to direct MoDOT, both MoDOT and the Federal Highway Administration will ultimately work together to determine the final decision on the best alternatives for the corridor.

A Technical Advisory Group [TAG] also was added to the project to include the input of technical experts from multiple different entities and jurisdictions, including St. Charles County, Lake Saint Louis, Wentzville and O’Fallon. Members of the group will assist with the development, analysis, refinement and selection of solutions for the Route N corridor.

Following multiple meetings and communications between the groups, the Route N Study team has produced a set of Conceptual Alternatives that will be presented and elaborated on at the Feb. 21 meeting.

Next steps, following the second public meeting, would be to hold a public hearing in late 2019, with a study completion date tentatively scheduled for early 2020.

Residents can follow the project’s progress on RouteNStudy.com.

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