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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

To the Editor:

As pleased as you are to announce that Mid Rivers Newsmagazine will feature syndicated columnist Dr. Walter E. Williams in your newspaper, we are equally pleased to be able to enjoy his remarks.

We have missed Thomas Sowell’s columns, and although we were not familiar with Dr. Williams, we enjoyed his column in your January issue.

Thank you for providing us with this “new to us” writer. We do not subscribe to the local liberal/democratic newspaper in St. Louis, and so we especially look forward to receiving your newspaper.

Keep up the good work!

Jim and Tommye McCallister

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To the Editor:

First of all, thank you for Walter E. Williams. Great to agree with someone in the media these days. Secondly, he stated some statistics [“Politics of Immigration,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Jan. 23] about illegal immigrants competing for housing and classroom space. Also 300,000 illegal immigrants on Medicaid. Really!

My question is why are they receiving these benefits at all? Do you think that we should not make it so comfortable and beneficial for illegals? Maybe if we withheld these things we might not have as big a problem as we do. Is there an answer for this?

Tom Riley

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To the Editor:

I am writing about the opinion piece “Politics of Immigration” by Walter E. Williams. It’s a bit odd that a professor would write an article for publication that is just repeating talking points from a Tucker Carlson video that appeared on Prager University, which is definitely not a real university, without any analysis or criticism.

The only value I see in doing so is that now that these talking points are coming from a black man they seem less like the racist bunk that they are.

The bulk of the column is listing times liberals have done racist things in the past. This is meant to be a stinging rebuke to criticism of Trump’s wall plans, which is kind of like trying to delegitimize the civil rights movement by noting that Abraham Lincoln had said things that would now be called racist. True but irrelevant.

Mr. Williams cites a lie Tucker Carlson says about the number of undocumented immigrants in the country. The claim is that there are 22 million undocumented immigrants – the true number is less than half that.

All of this leads up to Mr. Carlson’s thesis that, in a wicked power play, Democrats are trying to get more brown people to vote.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Latinos are Republicans. They just don’t know it yet.” Today’s Republican party has dropped ambitions to seize Latino votes in favor of conspiracy theories about illegals voting in mass numbers. It is a disgrace.

J.A. Faust

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