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Lake Saint Louis board recognizes former mayor

In early October, the Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen passed a bill establishing a recognition policy honoring former mayors. It turns out, they were a little late in recognizing one.

The board read a proclamation at its Jan. 22 meeting honoring Edward W. Hajek Jr., who served as mayor from April 1987 to April 1999. Hajek served on a number of city boards and commissions, including the city’s planning and zoning commission and its parks board. He also served as president of the local Rotary club.

Hajek was 81 when passed away on Jan. 8. His funeral services were held Jan. 21 at the Pitman Funeral Home in Wentzville

The recognition program came up when City Administrator Paul Markworth told the board last September that the lack of a policy arose when he was told that Hajek’s health had gotten worse and was asked if the city had a recognition program. On Oct. 1, the board approved a bill to develop a photo display of mayors and when they served at city hall.

At Markworth’s suggestion, the board presented a proclamation and city flag to Hajek’s family. In the proclamation, it is noted that Lake Saint Louis experienced a rapid expansion of its corporate limits during Hajek’s tenure as mayor, with many amenities, city infrastructure projects and future city planning occurring. Some examples include acquiring the land for the future construction of the city’s civic center building, purchase of the land for the Founder’s Park athletic complex and development of Boulevard Park and its facilities. A new intersection on then Hwy. 40/61 at Lake Saint Louis Boulevard, which provides safer access to the highway, also was built during those years, as was the 18-acre Hawk Ridge Golf Course.

At the end of the proclamation, Mayor Kathy Schweikert read, “[we] do hereby express our deep appreciation for his service to Lake Saint Louis, and extend to his family our sincere sympathy upon his passing.”

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