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Team and fan gear with a purpose

Dave Barlow, CEO / Founder

When they created global sports gear company LHV Gear Nation in 2017, CEO Dave Barlow and his business partners Kim Dorlac and John Gallagher had a common mission: to see that every athlete and every fan has the ability to get the gear they need.

LHV Gear Nation handles all the logistics of getting gear produced, listed and sold for an organization.

LHV Gear Nation began with a lacrosse team in Denmark that needed help getting on its feet. “Once that started, it literally took off like brushfire,” Barlow said.

Now, LHV Gear Nation works with teams all over the globe.

For teams with a lack of funding, LHV Gear Nation offers its Return to Grow program, in which part of the profits go back to the team.

“We produce their gear, sell it and send them part of the profit,” Barlow said. “So, instead of teams having to fundraise, they can worry about practice and homework and those things. We have upwards of three dozen teams around the globe [in the Return to Grow program].”

Barlow, a paramedic who has always had a passion for the sport of lacrosse, said giving back to communities while promoting extracurricular involvement is all part of the mission of LHV Gear Nation.

“We want to help grow the game and get sticks and helmets into these kids’ hands,” Barlow said.

While LHV Gear Nation has taken off around the globe, it is expanding locally as well. Check out LHV Gear Nation’s brick and mortar store on Old Hwy. 94 South or call to inquire about how they can assist you or your team.

4119 Old Hwy. 94 South • St. Charles

(314) 623-6647


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