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The finest custom-built homes for nearly 35 years

Tim Griffey has been working in the homebuilding business since he was 16 years old. He literally learned the business from the ground up.

Tim made a commitment to himself and others that when he established his own business, it would reflect his personal desire for quality craftsmanship. That quality craftsmanship has been displayed now for nearly 35 years through his small, family-owned company – Griffey Homes.

Griffey Homes has earned numerous awards including “Homer” awards from the Home Builders Association each consecutive year its entries have been submitted. Homer awards recognize excellence in design, workmanship and value in residential construction projects throughout the St. Louis area.

Griffey Homes is known for its custom home building expertise. They will build on your land or their land, using either your personal plans or one of their templates modified to your liking.

“We only build 15-20 homes a year, so we’re able to really give people the kind of house they want,” Kim Valerio, with Griffey Homes, said. “We are happy to help you create your dream home. Each homeowner is individual and their home should reflect that. That’s our niche! Griffey Homes offers impressive design and quality construction at an affordable price.”

The fact that Griffey Homes is a small company with low overhead costs enables it to be competitively priced and even more customizable.

With a personal commitment to honesty, integrity and relationship building, Tim works with every buyer from start to finish. A designer also is on hand during every project to ensure satisfaction.

26 MacArthur Court • St. Charles

(636) 936-1923


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