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Is your child struggling to get to school?

With anxiety, depression and bullying on the rise in schools, many children are struggling to get themselves to class. A change in environments can sometimes be what is needed for a student to get back on track. EYC Academy [Empowering Youth and Communities Inc.], which opened in 2018, helps students find their way to academic achievement through a one-teacher, one-student school environment.

EYC offers full- and part-time ongoing enrollment at its Town & Country location or, for students who work best at home, an online option with a live, real-time teacher.

EYC was conceived by a team of local educators whose vision was to bring outstanding, one-on-one private education to sixth- through 12th-grade students. EYC is designed for families seeking a more attentive and therapeutic educational environment. It contains all of a student’s educational needs under one roof – school credit, therapy/counseling, private tutoring and test prep, school advocacy, specialty training such as martial arts, therapy dogs, art therapy and more.

“The one thing that is huge for me about EYC is the ‘Why?’” EYC Academy Director Lou Reuss said. “We believe that education can be different. We believe that every child can have an education that’s fitted to their learning style, in an environment that makes them feel heard and safe.”

At EYC Academy, students work at their own pace with a private teacher, following state-approved curriculum and a competency-based approach – all in a private environment.

Call EYC Academy today and see why it may be the right choice for your child.

195 Lamp and Lantern Village • Town & Country

(636) 220-3344


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