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Letter to the Editor: Worst redistricting plan

To the Editor:

I agree with your Dec. 5 “Are we clean yet?” editorial about Amendment 1. I agree it’s a terrible, tricked-up plan with George Soros’ quarter-million advertising influence. 

I agree there are four distractions blinding us from the one dangerous power shift – to dramatically change our redistricting system. Four of five could clean up Missouri politics, but “Clean MO” does not mean redraw districts.

Amendment 1 is illegal. State law limits ballot measures to one focus. It has five: campaign limits, gifts, limiting lobbyists, proceedings open to the public and redistricting. The court should have separated Amendment 1 into five ballot measures. Legislators would know specifically what their voters agree to or not.

I agree with you about cringing but not accepting because there are many missing details in the ballot wording. Please research the full text to discover that we voted for one unelected demographer, a new position appointed by state auditor, to decide new districts. That inappropriately shifts power from the governor to the state auditor.

The previous redrawing plan was Democrat and Republican parties providing 10 names to the governor, who chooses five names from each list for a commission of 10. They must create and agree on new boundaries; 10 involved, not just one demographer.

Missing in the ballot language is redrawing directions and limits. Present state law requires legislators to live in their voters’ district. In November, we agreed to scramble districts with a slice of St. Louis City, mid-state rural and my suburb. A legislator can’t live in St. Louis City representing rural citizens across the state.

Please research how districts can be rigged to vote a certain way, as in Colorado and Maryland, and check for Soros funding. More states are targeted. Permitting this convoluted method will erase each voter’s voice and drastically change our state and nation.       

Voters, please email your state senator, representative and Gov. Parson asking them to not implement Amendment 1. Protect us from outsider PAC money. Search senate.mo.gov, click “Legislator Lookup,” then click on your legislators’ names for sending emails. Keep Soros out of Missouri politics.

Marjie Saiter

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