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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

To the Editor:

Thank you Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. By adding Walter Williams as a columnist you have helped me determine which of my newspapers is likely to be the best compost fodder.

Right out of the gate I read that inequalities must not be “probative of injustice” and that social injustice has never contributed to socioeconomic inequality. The evidence of this is the experience of Nobel Prize winners and pro athletes. Seriously?

While there’s no shortage of evidence to the contrary in your history books, for those with eyes to see there’s no shortage of evidence to the contrary right here in our region: historic red-lining that contributed to segregated neighborhoods and now to higher insurance rates and a lack of mortgage loans; discriminatory hiring practices reversed only after legal action; modern-day racial profiling and virtual debtor’s prisons with a greater impact on the poor and the brown. But I’m sure many readers sit content in our suburbs, willfully oblivious to such impediments and wondering why more people just aren’t better at helping themselves like this Walter Williams guy.

I know progress is scary to many, but we all benefit as the casual and overt discrimination on the basis of color, gender, sexual identity and orientation, etc. becomes rightfully resigned to the dustbin of history.

Tom Tierney

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To the Editor:

I am so glad to see Walter Williams being featured in Mid Rivers Newsmagazine!

What a great addition to your fine publication. He is a great successor to Thomas Sowell whom I greatly miss.

I appreciate your publication for its sensible, fair and accurate presentation of news and events in the St. Charles County area. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to receiving it and read it from front to back!

Dan Oehlert

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