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Students turn principals into human ice cream sundaes

In honor of the school’s success in their annual Fun Run fundraiser, the Fairmount Elementary principals agreed to let students turn them into “human ice cream sundaes.”

Excited students held cans of whipped cream and bottles of chocolate syrup, poised to douse their elders. 

The Fairmount students and community earned that sweet reward for surpassing their $38,000 goal. With the generous help of families and community businesses, the school ended up raising about $45,000, which will help pay for additional playground equipment.

Fourth-grader Serenity Harris reflected on the importance of the annual Fun Run, saying, “When you give money to the Fun Run, it makes your school better.”

Due to inclement weather this year, the activities planned for the day of the Fun Run were moved inside. Students participated in a variety of exercises as they jumped and danced their way through various levels of activity. 

Fairmount Elementary students participate in an indoor Fun Run due to inclement weather.

The cold day in November turned out to be a heart-warming success and ended with a chilly treat for the students. 

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