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Lake Saint Louis to begin ‘safety striping’

Lake Saint Louis Public Works is putting a different kind of stripe on the roads. Before winter storms, the department will spray liquid deicer on major streets leaving “safety stripes” on them. The liquid dries as dark or sometimes white stripes and, the department says, is a very effective tool in fighting snow and ice on streets.
By treating the street before the storm, the department says it can prevent the buildup of ice and stop snow from bonding to the pavement. 

According to the department, deicing helps to keep the road safer during small storms or during the initial hours of a storm; before crews can make it around with rock salt and plows. Deicing also makes it easier for crews to remove snow that does build up. 

The department says another benefit of pretreating is reduced salt use resulting in better water quality of nearby lakes and streams. 

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