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Letter to the Editor: Medicaid needs expansion in Missouri

To the Editor:

The recent letter from reader Ed Shew [Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Nov. 7] supporting the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri is right on the mark.

Common sense demands that it be expanded for reasons too numerous to recount here.

Whereas he focused on the positive impact it would have on combatting the opioid crisis – no argument there – there are many other good reasons that Medicaid should be expanded so that the 50,000 people in Missouri with no coverage at all can access needed healthcare services.

If Medicaid is not expanded, we will continue to see the closing of rural hospitals. They depend on Medicaid and Medicare revenue to stay open. Not expanding Medicaid makes it almost impossible for hospitals and doctors in rural areas to stay afloat.

Our state legislature, dominated by myopic GOP, most of whom act in lock-step with our dear leader, President Donald J. Trump, is totally and completely clueless when it comes to healthcare and healthcare financing. Just like their brethren GOP in the House and Senate in Washington, D.C.

Healthcare impacts everyone in the country, irrespective of political position.

I am stupefied that the GOP in Washington and Jefferson City are so out of touch with reality. They will pay dearly for it in future elections.

William Hall 

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