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Lake Saint Louis officials still unhappy with trash service

Recycling has dominated discussion about trash in Lake Saint Louis in recent weeks but city officials still aren’t happy when it comes to regular solid waste pickup in the city.

Mayor Kathy Schweikert told the city’s Board of Aldermen at its Nov. 19 meeting that she wanted to discuss trash pickup in the city and perhaps consider a different contractor.

Schweikert said the city’s present contractor, Meridian Waste Solutions, has improved their response to customer service complaints but service complaints from residents continue.

“It never ends,” Schweikert said. Waste sometimes hasn’t been picked up on streets for days at a time, she said.

In July, the board agreed to mail a postcard to city residents asking them to participate in an online trash service survey.

The city is eight months into a three-year contract that went into effect in March.

Although aldermen agreed there were problems, some thought it might not be easy to find another solid waste contractor.

“With the situation with recycling going on right now, I’m really hesitant to try and change horses until we get this resolved,” said Alderman Gary Turner [Ward 1].

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