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Letter to the Editor: An unsafe route to Veterans Tribute Park

To the Editor:

First let me say, Veterans Tribute Park is amazing. It is heart-warming to see our children get excited to play there. What is not OK is the dangerous way they have to get there.
Sammelman Road is a two-lane road from Pitman Hill Road to Winterfield Drive. Winterfield Drive is in The Highlands subdivision, which is within the city limits of St. Peters and Sammelman Road is the primary access for The Highlands. Sammelman Road also provides the only access for the city of Weldon Spring subdivisions of Lucerne Manor, Renaissance Place and Ehlmann Farms. The average daily traffic is 2043 vehicles per day as counted in September 2014. That traffic includes school buses for the Francis Howell School District.
Residents of these communities want to walk or ride their bikes to the newly completed Veterans Tribute Park located on Pitman Hill Road. Sammelman Road is the only paved way from these communities to the park and it is not at all safe. Sammelman has steep grades, sharp curves, no sidewalks and the grounds adjacent are not suitable for walking or biking and force the individual on the pavement.
Worse, there are many government agencies involved that are not working together at this time. The city of Weldon Springs, the city of St. Peters and St. Charles County need to find a way to collaborate, find funding and move this project forward as soon as possible. Your help in creating public awareness is what I am asking.
What initiated my request is seeing three girls, ages 7-10, bumping along on their bikes going down the steep grade in the grass on Sammelman in the direction of the park. These adventurers are at the age where they should not need to be driven to the park, but how should they get there safely?
Joanne Worobec

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