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St. Peters to take Lake Saint Louis recyclable material for ‘evaluation period’

St. Peters is willing to take recyclable material from Lake Saint Louis to its recycling facility during an “evaluation period” to determine if St. Peters can take them permanently. And if the evaluation period is successful, St. Peters officials say it’s their intent to enter into a long-agreement for acceptance of recyclable materials from Lake Saint Louis.

That information was included an Oct. 18 letter to Lake Saint Louis city officials from St. Peters City Administrator Russell Batzel.

St. Peters is willing to take certain recyclables using Lake Saint Louis’ cart system provided by Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. Aluminum containers and cans, tin and plastic containers, which can be separated and marketed for reuse can go into the curbside cart; however, those materials should be rinsed beforehand.

During an evaluation period, St. Peters isn’t charging a fee to process recyclables but will keep all proceeds from recyclable material.

Meridian will begin taking recyclables to St. Peters by Dec. 1. At some point, Meridian wants a drop-off site in Lake Saint Louis for glass and mixed paper. For now, that material is being taken to the county’s recycling center on Pitman Road.

Meridian is not reducing resident bills if they opt out of recycling, Markworth Lake Saint Louis City Administrator Paul Markworth said.

Lake Saint Louis becomes the second city in St. Charles County to contract with nearby St. Peters for processing its recyclables as a deadline approaches when a major local process stops accepting single-stream recycling.

Resource Management, which has handled O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis’ recycling, stopped accepting single-stream recyclables as of Oct. 31.  Single-stream materials include mixed paper and cardboard.


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