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Lake Saint Louis to add second monument sign, although the cost may be a bit more expensive

Lake Saint Louis has plans to install a new monument sign along eastbound Interstate 64 just before it reaches Prospect Road but the sign may cost a little more money than anticipated.

The sign would be the second that includes the name of the city located along I-64. The first sign is a long westbound I-64 near the interstate’s intersection with Route 364. The signs simply say “City of Lake Saint Louis” offering an indication of city boundaries.

In a memorandum from City Administrator Paul Markworth to the board, city staff asked the Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT] to grant an easement to place the second sign on the Prospect Road bridge slope. MoDOT said the location was too close to the interstate but they would consider another site.

“Unfortunately, MoDOT officials did not tell the us that this site on Prospect Road bridge slope wasn’t acceptable until after they reviewed a survey of the site of that location,” Markworth said. “That cost us more than $2,000 in survey fees.”

The proposed site now is on a prominent rock outcrop near where the Prospect Road on-ramps merge with the highway.

The sign’s estimated cost is $45,458; however, the city has just $42,700 remaining in its budget after spending $2,300 for the survey. Installing electric and lights would add $10,505 to bring the total cost to $55,963. That figure does include the cost of a new survey of the new site [which MoDOT requires], landscaping or a 30-foot easement of private property.

Regardless, the board agreed to move ahead with the sign construction and budget for landscaping and lighting and in next year’s budget. Markworth said construction may not begin until next spring.

Monument signs along I-64 have become popular with local municipalities as a means of identifying boundaries and enhancing community identity. O’Fallon has several monument signs that include one, along with flagpoles and lighting, particularly westbound on I-64 at Hwy. K.

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