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Form + Function: The ideal formula for bath remodeling success

When American architect Louis K. Sullivan suggested, “form ever follows function,” he was talking about building design, but maybe he should have been talking about bathroom design.

When designing a bathroom, function reigns supreme. That does not mean it can’t have beautiful form, but it must be beautifully functional.

As with any home remodeling project, the first step is to ask yourself some questions.

Start with the needs of those who use the room. Master baths, guest baths, half baths, main baths – each one functions differently.

Ask yourself, what is it that you need and want from this room.

Do you need dressing space?

Would a shower make the space more accessible than a tub? Or do you want both a shower and a tub? Separate or together? Is the space adequate to your need?

Can you make the room larger? If you can’t enlarge the space, how can you make it more functional? Do you need storage in the vanity? Can you put shelving on the walls?

What about electricity? Are there enough outlets to suit your needs? Are those outlets equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter [GFCI]? If not, they should be. GFCI outlets are equipped with a circuit breaker that shuts off electric power in the event of a ground-fault interruption, such as a hair dryer falling into a body of water, possibly preventing electric shock or death.

Taking a survey or your existing space – what works, what does not – and looking at examples of bathrooms online and in print can inspire your remodel. But the most important step is sitting down with the design experts.

Experienced in creating bathrooms that meet everyday and special needs, the experts at Dalco Home Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath can help you choose the design elements that give you the style you want and all the functionality you need in your bathroom remodel.

“Our goal is to remodel our customer’s bathroom to make it more usable and convenient,” explained Mike Nolde, who manages the interior side of things for Dalco Home Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath. “Nowhere is that more important than when creating a bathroom space that ensures safety and gives the homeowner the ability to meet special needs or simply age in place.

“We offer services from the simple addition of balance assist products to fully redesigned bathrooms with the latest in special needs products such as zero- or low-egress showers, hand-held and body spray shower units, extra high toilets and more.”

Free in-home estimates take the guesswork out to home improvements, Nolde said.

“For instance, people often assume that it’s cheaper to cover up an old tub rather than replace it,” Nolde explained. “But the truth is that installing a new tub is often less expensive than covering up an old one.

“Why? Mold, rot, old leaking valves and pipes, rust and so on often hide in the walls of bathrooms that hold old tubs. It’s not just the tub that is old, so we encourage customers to look at their bathrooms and ask themselves if they want to cover up potential problems, such as leaks down the road, or do they want a whole new bathroom free from the problems of age and wear.”

The bottom line with home remodels is it’s always more economical to do it right the first time.

“We’ve been family-owned for over 45 years,” Nolde says of Dalco. “Plus, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“We have the experience and expertise to help our home remodeling customers get both – beautiful form and reliable function.”

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