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Students raise $30k in Fun Run

Henderson Elementary students raised $30,000 during the school’s Fun Run in September.

The track at Francis Howell’s Henderson Elementary was full of laughter, cheering and a sea of colorful shirts and team flags last month as the school held its second annual Fun Run, and raised tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

This year’s fundraiser collected money to update student technology, as well as school programs. Henderson families were able to gather pledges for every lap run by their child.

Students were invited to run, walk and even dance their way through the course as their favorite songs blasted through the sound system. Teachers, staff and families cheered from the sidelines with plastic clappers in hand and smiles on their faces.

Third-grader Aerianna Waters-Ratliff was excited for the day, particularly the partner run, as she was able to “spend time with friends.”

Meanwhile, third-grader Zidian Walker shared her appreciation for the water bucket station on a hot day, where she “could soak herself with water.”

Though it was a warm day for late September, the students stayed hydrated and were determined to fill the cards on their shirts, which were marked every time they completed a lap.

Fifth-grader Chloe Fiely was driven and ready for the day, and had her goal in sight. “I love the feeling of knowing that you got through the run,” she said.

Not only was the day a blast for students, but Henderson also achieved its goal of raising $30,000. 

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