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On the Ballot: Amendment 4, Proposition B, St. Charles County Charter Amendment

Mid Rivers Newsmagazine previously reported on medical marijuana measures Amendments 2 and 3 and Proposition C, which were analyzed in the Oct. 10 issue [“All fired up: The ballot battle for medical marijuana”]. The state fuel tax measure, Proposition D, was covered in the Sept. 26 issue [“A long and winding road”]. Each of those stories is available online at midriversnewsmagazine.com. 

Amendment 1 [“Amendment 1: A major decision for voters”] is in this issue on pages 18-19. 

Official ballot language for the remaining ballot issues – regarding bingo game advertising, the state’s minimum wage and St. Charles County’s proposed smoking ban – is provided below.


Proposed by the 99th General Assembly 

Do you want to amend the Missouri constitution to remove language limiting bingo game advertising that a court ruled unenforceable, and allow a member of a licensed organization conducting bingo games to participate in the management of bingo games after being a member of the organization for six months instead of the current two years? State and local governmental entities estimate no costs or savings from this proposal.


Proposed by Initiative Petition

Do you want to amend Missouri law to increase the state minimum wage to $8.60 per hour with 85 cents per hour increase each year until 2023, when the state minimum wage would be $12.00 per hour, exempt government employers from the above increase, and increase the penalty for paying employees less than the minimum wage? State and local governments estimate no direct costs or savings from the proposal, but operating costs could increase by an unknown annual amount that could be significant. State and local government tax revenue could change by an unknown annual amount ranging from a $2.9 million decrease to a $214 million increase depending on business decisions.


Shall the Charter of St. Charles County be amended to add a new Section which prohibits smoking in enclosed public places or enclosed places of employment throughout St. Charles County, whether in the unincorporated area or within an incorporated municipality, with exceptions regarding smoking in places in which only persons 21 and over are present, and private clubs, tobacco-related businesses and casinos? Any municipality shall have the authority to ban smoking in additional places not herein enumerated pursuant to independent powers they may have by law. Enforcement of the prohibition shall be financed through the general revenues of St. Charles County.

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