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Preparing for tax season

The St. Charles County Collector of Revenue office has released the following information to help residents in anticipation of tax season.

Real estate and personal property tax bills are prepared after all tax rates have been certified by the Missouri State Auditor. Per state statute, this can take until Oct. 31. Tax rates are determined by the respective taxing authorities [school, city, fire districts, etc.] and are based on the budgetary requirements needed to fund the services provided within those jurisdictions. 

The revenue office prepares real estate tax bills first, typically during the first or second week of November. Personal property tax bills are prepared shortly after. Once these bills are complete, both are available for residents to access and pay online at stcharlesmocollector.com.

Paper bills are created and mailed after tax bills are posted online. Because real estate and personal property tax bills are merged into one bill for taxpayers, these typically take two weeks to produce.

Real estate and personal property tax bills are generally mailed to taxpayers in mid to late November. The state statutory deadline to mail those bills is Dec. 1.

Per state statute, real estate and personal property tax bills are delinquent if not paid/postmarked by Jan. 1. Information is available at sccmo.org/collector about ways to pay tax bills.

“More and more citizens are enjoying the convenience of paying their tax bills online,” Collector of Revenue Michelle McBride said. “Another benefit of our online payment system is the ability to sign up for e-Alert notifications when bills are posted.”

Taxpayers who received bills for 2017 and prior can register to receive free text and email alerts by:

• Visiting stcharlesmocollector.com to pull up the existing account[s]. For those who do not know their Property Identifications Number [PIN], the address of the property can be entered to obtain the PIN. 

• Selecting “View” for one of the tax bills associated with the account. When it displays, click on the e-Alert button. 

• Entering email address and/or cellphone number to receive e-Alerts. 

Setting up an e-Alert for one email address and/or cellphone number does not prevent additional e-Alerts from being set up for that PIN. Example: If co-owners of a property or multiple members of an LLC want to be notified, they can each sign up for an e-Alert and it won’t prevent the other parties from receiving a notice. 

Additional information and questions should be directed to the revenue office at collector@sccmo.org or (636) 949-7470. 

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