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Letters to the Editor: Job well done

To the Editor:

I just got around to reading my Sept. 26 Mid Rivers Newsmagazine and was delighted to find Jessica Meszaros’ thorough, concise cover story titled, “Recycling Redux: How changes in imports will impact local services.”

I live in St. Charles and recycle. I used to live in Kirkwood and have been following their announcement that they will be discontinuing curbside pickup at the end of this month. Thanks to Jessica’s article, I now understand the reasons behind the changes, the need for smarter [cleaner] recycling by each of us who recycles and am reassured that the concept of recycling isn’t being abandoned, just “retooled.”

Mary Mayhall

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To the Editor:

I have just started reading your articles, specifically the ones on recycling [Sept. 26] and medical marijuana [Oct. 10], and am impressed. I thought the articles were very well presented and will look forward to more. I would like to request that, with the new United Nations report on global warming issues, this becomes a regular topic with a series of articles that can put this into perspective to readers. For many, it is frustrating that there seems to be nothing we can do about this crisis but there have to be answers. Thank you.

Lucinda Towell

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