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Lake Saint Louis awaits memo from St. Peters in regard to recycling aid

Resource Management, which has handled O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis’ recycling, will stop accepting single-stream recyclables as of Oct. 31.

St. Peters and O’Fallon have entered into an agreement and St. Peters and Lake Saint Louis officials have had similar discussions. However, Lake Saint Louis officials are waiting on a memorandum of understanding from St. Peters regarding whether they can move forward with sending a limited amount of recyclable material to St. Peters for processing.

At the city’s Board of Aldermen work session on Oct. 15, Lake Saint Louis officials cautioned that St. Peters officials have to determine if their recycling plant can accommodate the additional material from Lake Saint Louis and O’Fallon. There will be a trial period to see if things work, they said.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said adding Lake Saint Louis and O’Fallon may increase the stream of recycled materials that St. Peters handles by 130 percent, an increase that St. Peters might try to handle without hiring additional staff.

City staff added that St. Peters taking Lake Saint Louis recyclables may not be a permanent solution but could provide a short-term bridge until the recyclable market sorts itself out.

What can be recycled will be limited and will exclude cardboard and paper. A public education program on what is new in curbside recycling is in the works. Still, Markworth said Lake Saint Louis is lucky to have the St. Peters options so close at hand.

The memorandum and other details may before Lake Saint Louis aldermen in early November, staff said.

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