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Remodeling the ‘heart of the home’

Dalco Home Remodeling - Kithcen

We’re not sure who said it first, but someone somewhere once uttered “the kitchen is the heart of the home” – no truer words may have ever been spoken, which makes your kitchen remodel all the more important.

Let’s start with the basics. On average, a kitchen remodel will take between four to six weeks to complete, not including the design and planning stage and barring complications. The cost of a remodel can vary significantly depending on exactly what you want to have done, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on spending between 6 and 10 percent of the value of your home. According to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend about $22,000 on kitchen remodels.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association breaks down kitchen remodeling costs by the following percentages: 29 percent for cabinetry and hardware. 17 percent for installation, 14 percent for appliances and ventilation, 10 percent for countertops, 7 percent for flooring, 5 percent for walls and ceilings, 5 percent for lighting, 4 percent for design fees, 4 percent for doors and windows, 4 percent for faucets and plumbing and 1 percent to cover miscellaneous other charges.

Dalco Home Remodeling - Kithcen

Dalco Home Remodeling

Of course, every kitchen is unique and the numbers above are only estimates. Custom cabinetry, for instance, may cost more both in time and money, and design fees may exceed 4 percent but good design is a sound investment.

After all, the goal in every remodel should be to create a fully functional space that you are happy to use. A good designer can help you achieve that goal.

While some home projects lend themselves to DIY [do it yourself], a kitchen remodel is not one of them. Perhaps the single most important piece of advice is to hire a contractor that can take you from floor to ceiling and everything in between.

Before you select your contractor, the experts at Dalco Home Remodeling suggest you ask the following questions; let’s look at them one by one:

1. What’s my contractor’s reputation? It’s wise to get recommendations from rating agencies such as the Better Business Bureau as well as reviews from past customers.

2. Does my contractor offer in-home estimates? Before you begin the remodeling process, you need to establish a realistic budget. To do so, you’ll want to make a list of must-have and wish-list items. Think about how you use your kitchen. What works? What doesn’t? Do your homework regarding hard costs, such as the cost of that shiny new refrigerator or five-burner range. Then, bring in a contractor that can offer you a firm estimate with a clear understanding of how contingencies will be handled and how those items might affect the remodel’s final cost.

3. Does my contractor work with name brand products? You want what you want and you should get what you want, so before starting any work make sure your contractor can deliver on your must-have and dream items.

4. Does my contractor offer financing? Be sure you know, before you sign on the dotted line, exactly when you will be expected to pay for each portion of the work being done, what mechanisms are in place for financing and how disputes, should any arise, will be handled.

5. Does my contractor offer a warranty? While contractors won’t warranty products, good ones will warranty workmanship.

6. Will my contractor secure any necessary permits? There’s no better peace of mind than knowing that your kitchen remodel – or any home construction – is being completed “to code” and all necessary permits are being competently secured by the contractor doing the work.

It’s a lot to consider, but take heart! With careful planning and the right team [contractor, designer and you], there’s no reason you can’t have a kitchen you’ll love.

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