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New service to aid individuals with disabilities in St. Charles County

The Productive Living Board for St. Louis County Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County and the St. Louis City Office for Developmental Disability Resources are partnering with United Way of Greater St. Louis in launching a regional resource for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

IDDHelp.org will provide a centralized resource for getting connected to services via internet searches, email or phone calls. 

When a caller dials (877) 256-2202  from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Monday through Friday looking for solutions, a trained community connector will be there to listen and to help. 

People who have tried to locate resources for themselves or someone they care about know that services, while plentiful, can be difficult to locate. There are over 24,000 individuals with disabilities throughout the St. Louis Region, and hundreds of agencies that offer an array of services. 

“What has been lacking is a centralized, coordinated system to help people, whether a person with a developmental disability, a parent, a service provider, or a neighbor not only understand the options that are available, but how to successfully access them. IDDHelp.org is designed to find solutions,” said Becky Herschbach, executive director of the Productive Living Board.

IDDHelp.org is powered by United Way 2-1-1 and offers a streamlined, one-stop connection to resources and help for a variety of needs, including transportation, employment opportunities, continuing education, Medicaid, recreational programs, family support services and more.

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