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Crossbows still not allowed for hunting deer in Dardenne Prairie

Using a crossbow to hunt white-tailed deer in Dardenne Prairie remains a no-no.

The city’s Board of Aldermen failed to get the four votes needed at its Sept. 19 meeting to approve an ordinance that would permit a resident to use his crossbow to hunt deer on his property.  The resident said the range and velocity of his crossbow were less than the typical compound bow.

The proposal received three votes in favor from aldermen Ken Klingmann [Ward 1], John Gotway [Ward 3] and Dave Wandling [Ward 1].  Aldermen Dan Koch [Ward 3] and Blake Nay [Ward 2] voted “no.” Alderman Justin Ungerboeck [Ward 2] was absent.

Last December, the city amended its code to allow bow hunting for deer with longbows and compound bows on properties exceeding 1.5 acres that are primarily used for residential or agricultural purposes. Deer frequent the heavily wooded lots along Brook Road.  Some of those lots are in the city and some are in unincorporated St. Charles County where hunting is allowed.

Bow hunting came before the board after two residents along Brook Line Drive complained about the large white-tail deer population in the area and brought in photographs showing how deer have devastated their gardens. The residents said they were avid bow hunters and asked if they could hunt deer on their property during the state’s archery deer season. Hunting may be one way of reducing a large number of deer in parts of the city, they said.

The resulting ordinance would allow property owners, or their invitees, to hunt deer or engage in bow and arrow target shooting as long as the property consists of at least 1.5 acres of contiguous land and is used for residential or agricultural purposes.

Hunters have to carry a valid Missouri hunting permit and deer tags at all times. It will be unlawful for anyone to shoot an arrow across any publicly owned land, streets, sidewalks, roads, highways or playgrounds. Arrows also cannot land on city, state or federal property or on private property without the owner’s consent.

Arrows cannot be shot from a moving motor vehicle or all-terrain vehicle and people cannot hunt under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Anyone who kills or injures a deer during hunting has to make “a reasonable search to retrieve the deer.” Hunters have to immediately notify any property owner, other than the property hunted, to get permission to retrieve a dead or injured deer. If permission is not given, the hunter should immediately notify the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Under the ordinance, it is illegal to field dress a deer killed in a public or conspicuous location.

A bow is defined in the ordinance as a device drawn and held by hand. A cross boy is a device formed like a bow set cross-wise on a stock and drawn by means of a mechanism and discharged by the release of a trigger. Permissible bows include long-bows, recurve and compound bows.



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