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MoDOT to hold transportation planning meeting Oct. 4

At 8 a.m. on Oct. 4 at the Maryland Heights Community Center, the Missouri Department of Transportation will hold a general discussion on the current condition of the state transportation system, how MoDOT currently spends its resources to take care of transportation assets that would cost an estimated $125 billion to replace, and how additional funding resulting from Proposition D could best be used to consider regional priorities,  if voters approve the measure in November.

These meetings will lay the groundwork for the development of the next Statewide Transportation Improvement program that will set MoDOT’s construction commitments for 2020-2024 and which will be presented in draft form to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission in May 2019.

“We expect these to be robust conversations about road and bridge priorities and how we can all work together to incorporate potential new resources into our plan of action for the future of transportation in Missouri,” MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna said.

MoDOT’s planning process, which has been recognized nationally, brings local officials, metropolitan planning organizations and regional planning commissions together to determine transportation needs at the local level. They are then prioritized based on projected available funding levels.

The meetings are open to the public.

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