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Letter to the Editor: Smoking ban

To the Editor:

It is a sad commentary that we expect lies and misinformation from our national elected officials, bureaucracies and non-governmental organizations [NGOs]. 

“Of the people and by the people” cannot withstand the moneyed influence of corporate contributions and political party alliances. It is only on the local level that we can successfully express our desires.

So I am compelled to speak out about the St. Charles proposed smoking ban. I believe the issue boils down to the effect of second-hand smoke, I am unaware that law enforcement might be employed to prevent a citizen from choosing to smoke. Some facts can be extracted from the internet.

The CDC makes assumptions and publishes opinion. Free speech allows this. Common sense should evaluate this. 

The misrepresentation of facts is another matter. If the anti-smoking zealots are claiming the high ground of “protecting the public,” they should stop the lying and misrepresentation.

For those who care, I refer them to a Fox news release [not known for their fake news] which can be found at foxnews.com/story/2001/06/04/second-hand-smokescreens.html. It seems that 80 percent of the 33 studies conducted reported no link between second-hand smoke and lung cancer.

Closer to home, if one Googles “State Cancer Profiles,” St. Louis County, which has a long-standing smoking ban, shows a stable incidence for lung and bronchus cancer. St. Charles County, which has no such ban, has a falling incidence. Hard to conclude that second-hand smoke is healthy, but the anti-smoking gang might want this suppressed!

More to the point on the smoking ban being considered for St. Charles County, 18 percent of the general population continues to smoke despite all efforts and tax penalties to dissuade them. It would only seem fair then to allow up to 18 percent of privately held business to declare that they are smoking areas – light up or get out. More ludicrous is “no smoking everywhere.” Certainly true. 

Never-the-less, the rule of law and law enforcement is not needed where voluntary compliance exists. Let the individual establishments determine their smoking policies is the correct policy. Consumers can “vote with their feet” not at the ballot box for a foolish law. Let freedom reign.

Dennis Gerber

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