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Death penalty

To the Editor:

A tragedy occurred in South Carolina several weeks ago. A lady was walking her small dog around a lake occupied by a 9-foot alligator. The alligator saw the small dog as a food source and proceeded to attack the dog. The lady attempted to protect her dog and became the victim. She was killed by the alligator. As a result, the alligator was hunted down and killed by local authorities.

It makes me wonder. If ignorant animals like alligators, bears, cougars and sharks receive capital punishment when they attack and kill humans, why don’t we apply capital punishment to supposedly intelligent humans who willfully murder other humans?

Animals operate from instinct, but humans have free will and are able to make deliberate choices. Therefore, humans who murder other humans are much guiltier than animals because they made a choice to commit murder. As a result, they forfeited their right to life. 

If capital punishment would be applied to all murder cases and murderers were executed before the public eye, it would be a definite deterrent for gang-bangers and other perpetrators when they see their friends lose their lives. We also know the executed murderers will never murder anyone ever again.

Edward J. Hamm

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