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Smoking ban

To the Editor:

Those against a smoking ban often resort to either negative name labels to describe non-smokers – “weak, thought-challenged, do-gooders” or society’s default response, “It’s my right.”

The idea that smokers are the ones being discriminated against is ludicrous. Both the smoker and non-smoker start out on an even plane before they enter a business for service, that is, “a means to pay’’ for the service or product rendered. That does not empower either the smoker or non-smoker to bring in or do something they like to do while enjoying the service provided, especially if it infringes on other patrons. 

Also, there is a difference between an annoyance and a health hazard. An annoyance could be blasting your favorite music or a constant, loud cellphone conversation or maybe just a boisterous, vulgar conversation with people at the table. How long would it take before a complaint brings management to that table to shut it down or request they leave? As far as I know, other people’s music, cellphone chatter or vulgarity doesn’t leave any detectable and harmful chemical compounds in and on others around them. Just as smokers and non-smokers should leave other annoying things outside the business, smokers should do the same with the smoking. 

We all want to enjoy the service or product of a unique business, be it a restaurant or casino, we only need to bring in that “means to pay.” Like an old saying goes, “A person’s right to swing their arms ends where the other person’s nose begins.”

We need to stop the swinging, figuratively speaking, of course.

Terry Stricker

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