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Regarding right to work

To the Editor:

I write in response to Mr. Ted Kaimann’s letter published in the Aug. 19 edition of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. In his letter, he makes reference to the 67.5 percent of Missouri voters who rejected Prop A and questions “what part of no” our elected representatives, who might consider passing similar Right to Work legislation in the future, don’t understand.  

While opponents of right-to-work legislation like Mr. Kaimann understandably celebrate the success of their campaign, I might suggest they temper their enthusiasm. Although almost 68 percent of primary voters opposed Prop A, the reality is only a third of eligible Missouri voters actually participated in the recent primary election. If I were Mr. Kaimann, I wouldn’t get too excited about the fact that only 22 percent of Missouri’s eligible voters supported forced unionism; particularly when, by some accounts, this victory cost state and national unions nearly $20 million to secure. When you consider that since 1983 Missouri union membership has declined by nearly 60 percent, I could think of far better ways to spend $20 million than simply to maintain the status quo. 

By comparison, according to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, the 2016 general election saw nearly 67 percent voter participation. In that election, Missouri voters gave President Donald Trump nearly 57 percent, elected Republicans to every statewide office and nearly 70 percent of the seats in the General Assembly.  

So, when some of our elected representatives express interest in re-introducing similar legislation in the future, they do so knowing that a far larger number of Missourians supported their positions [including right-to-work] in an election where the overwhelming majority of eligible voters actually participated.

Franz Kohler

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