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Roofing 101

Architectural shingles are the most popular and among the most affordable option in home shingles.

Architectural shingles are the most popular and among the most affordable option in home shingles.

Roofs are one element of the home that most homeowners tend to forget about – unless it fails. Then, there’s a lot to think about.

Purchasing your new roof from a company, such as Dalco Home Remodeling, that has a proven track record of quality installation and premium brands will help ensure that your new roof reaches its maximum life with little thought from you.

A professional roofing contractor can answer questions such as:

What type of shingles is best? That depends on a number of factors from aesthetics to price to wind resistance. Three-tab is the most economical. But, for a number of reasons, they are not the most popular. Claiming that title are architectural shingles that offer affordability with an enhanced aesthetic and the benefits of up to 30-mph wind resistance, energy efficiency and a lifetime warranty. Architectural shingles have an up to 30-year useful lifespan. Some Owen Corning models also offer Surenail Technology, a unique fabric strip in the nailing area that ensures an outstanding grip, patented triple layer protection and exceptional wind resistance.

Is venting necessary? In a word, “yes!” Ventilation allows your attic to breathe, which is critical to maintaining your home’s insulation, roof decking and shingle integrity. A roof cap allows heat to escape in the summer and keeps moisture out in the winter. “That’s going to protect your decking and shingles over time,” explained Mike Nolde, of Dalco Home Remodeling. Ventilation also plays a role in terms of the roof’s warranty. “If your roof is not ventilated correctly, the manufacturer of your shingles could void your warranty.” The nails have to penetrate into the wood of the roof deck, that’s what holds down the shingles, but if you have the right ventilation that’s not a problem. If your roof is not properly ventilated, you might actually see moisture accumulating on the nail tip and dropping into the attic.

Can I put one roof over another? “Dalco does not do overlays,” Nolde explained. “We remove the existing roof down to the decking because it is so important to inspect the decking to make sure that its integrity is still sound. The main reason you need that decking to be sound is so the nail will hold the shingles securely in place. If the nails won’t hold in the decking, the shingle warranty can become void.

What is flashing and why is it important? “Flashing, and especially step flashing, is put in where the roof slopes against a wall or chimney. You have to allow rain to cascade down the roof like a waterfall. Everything overlaps. It keeps the water from penetrating into the wall or into the brick itself,” Nolde explained. Likewise, Nolde pointed out that roofs should be put on from the gutter eave up to the peak, to allow for continuous water shedding.

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