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Letter to the Editor: Secure voting

To the Editor:

Many people are concerned about the security of the November election, including me. The surest way to have a secure election is to vote on paper. It can be audited and verified rapidly and economically. Eliminating the touch-screen machines may seem like a waste of money since we have already invested so much in them, but it is not practical to have two systems of voting at the same polling place.

If there are insufficient optical scan readers, the ballots could be carried to a central area for counting.

The touch-screen voting machines were an expensive blunder that we should put behind us and reduce further expenses of programming, storing, transporting and setting them up. This may seem trite but setting up and collapsing these machines has caused many pinched hands, including mine as well as my wife’s when she last worked the polls. Another advantage in using paper is there is little to no waiting to fill out your ballot.

The next time you vote, just say “paper” for a secure, verifiable and economical voting system.

John Bohney

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