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Letter to the Editor: Regarding right to work

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, 67.5 percent of the primary voters said no to right to work in Missouri. That is also 86.75 percent of Missouri’s 114 counties. 

On Aug. 8, some the legislators who supported this terrible law already made statements that they will bring it up in the legislature again. What part of “no” do they not understand? 

Actions like this make it clear that they do not listen to the voters in their districts. It is clear to me that they have a hatred for the workers of Missouri. I have asked this question in the past and no one has ever answered it. Why did Senate Bill 19 have almost no bipartisan support? I know the answer, it’s because it was poor legislation.

One House representative from the Sikeston area where Prop A failed claimed it only failed because organized labor pumped $15 million into the fight. That money was spent in defense of all working Missourians. This was in response to more than $20 million the proponents of Prop A spent in the 2016 election cycle to elect candidates that vowed to pass this in the House and Senate. These same people spent several million dollars this year telling Missouri that right to work was good for workers. The workers of Missouri are smarter than that.

For any legislator to blatantly go against the will of the majority of voters is wrong! When the legislature refuses to listen to their constituents, it is time for them to leave Jefferson City. I strongly suggest voters not support any legislator who supported this legislation in November. If they cannot abide by the will of the majority, they must go. The guilty parties know who they are. 

Ted Kaimann

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