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O’Fallon Police Department’s lip sync battle blends humor, pop culture

Following a challenge by the Saint Charles City Police Department, the O’Fallon Police Department rose to the occasion and released a seven-minute lip sync battle with assistance from O’Fallon TV.

The video, produced by O’Fallon CIT Coordinator Sgt. Robert Kendall, already has had thousands of views on
YouTube and received comments from local and out-of-state viewers alike. The video was released on Aug. 3 in response to the growing #lipsyncbattle, a challenge that currently is working its way through police departments across the country.

Unlike other #lipsyncbattle videos, O’Fallon’s submission features multiple skits and song parodies, all of which are connected with the story of a sergeant tasked with creating a video and visiting every department to try and find ideas. The video involves multiple officers and staff members from almost every department, with team members from SWAT to Animal Control and even dogs from the city’s K-9 unit, sharing the spotlight.

The video features pop culture references from multiple decades and genres, from modern pop to classic 80s movies. There’s everything from fog machines to a litter of kittens. The video ends with a surprise gag that won’t let audiences down.

According to Kendall, no police resources dedicated to community safety were allocated for the creation of the video.

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