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Swing for the fences with Mr. Fence

Mike Pope, owner of Mr. Fence, has more than 20 years of experience building fences – and he can tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. 

“I’ve been building fences my whole life,” said Mike, who is licensed in St. Charles County.

The fence expert learned the business from his father and, six years ago, he branched out on his own to open Mr. Fence. Priding himself on honesty and attention to detail, Mike offers his clients only the best. Mr. Fence offers customers the very best prices for a high-quality performance fence. 

“You’re not getting a salesman,” said Mike. “I care about the people and the fence. I build a good fence, and you get me every time.”

Primarily offering services in the residential areas of St. Charles County, Mike can build a fence from a variety of materials to meet the needs of his customers. Two of the most popular materials trending right now are the ornamental and vinyl fences, both of which are low-maintenance and attractive to customers.

Customers can choose an ornamental and decorative fence to surround a pool or give their home that certain style and feeling. A low-maintenance vinyl fence can encase the family pets in the yard and be cleaned easily by scrubbing with a sponge or simply rinsing with a hose.

Pope can also install a wooden fence, which is relatively popular; a steel fence; or a chain-link fence, which is an economical option. 

There are many reasons to replace a fence, from physical to stylistic. Old wooden fences may show evidence of discoloration, splintering, warping or insect damage, and old vinyl fences may have cracked. Weather may have damaged a fence. A homeowner may wish for a higher fence for privacy or to better protect children and pets. Whatever the reason, Mr. Fence can build a fence that brings peace of mind. No matter the size of the project, Mr. Fence offers clients great prices and a superb product.


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