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Get windows, gutters and floors sparkling again

Jetstream Cleaning offers professional cleaning and restoration services to the St. Peters area. Locally owned and operated, they pride themselves on their keen attention to detail and their cleanliness on every site. They provide peerless services for residential and commercial properties, no matter the size of the job. 

Let the power-washing pros loose on vinyl siding, swimming pools, decks, driveways, sidewalks, concrete and steel.

Don’t let your gutters crack from leaves and debris. Jetstream will remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts, allowing water to take its natural course and prevent damage.

Who likes cleaning windows? Jetstream does. They specialize in interior, exterior, screens, windows and windowsills. Their services include cleaning of storms, screens, skylights, mirrors and fixtures; repairing storms and screens; applying weather sealant; clearing eaves and downspouts [hand-clean or blow-out with minor repairs]; cleaning out gutters; and removing mortar, paint or stickers.

Jetstream also offers quality carpet-cleaning and floor restoration services. Whether you need your carpet stretched or your flooded basement restored, they have affordable solutions for you. Jetstream uses a three-step carpet-cleaning process. First, they pre-treat all stains and areas with high foot-traffic. Second, they scrub a high-foaming shampoo into the carpet. Finally, they use a high-pressure extractor to rinse the carpet of all debris and chemicals.

Floor maintenance options include high-speed buffing to increase the shine in your dull floor; scrubbing and refinishing your floor to bring back its natural shine; stripping, waxing and refinishing the floor to restore it to its original beauty [seven layers of wax to restore shine!]; and refinishing floors in extremely poor shape.

Jetstream’s trained technicians respond quickly and professionally to your cleaning and restoration needs.

3877 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Suite 1

St. Peters • (636) 244-0461

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