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Education fitted to your learning style

Empowering Youth and Communities Academy [EYC], which opened its doors this year, was conceived by a team of local educators whose vision was to bring outstanding, one-on-one private education to sixth- through 12th-grade students. EYC provides a one-teacher, one-student approach for those seeking a more attentive and therapeutic educational environment. 

“The one thing that is huge for me about EYC is the ‘Why?’ That’s the critical piece,” EYC Academy Director Lou Reuss said. “We believe that education can be different. We believe that every child can have an education that’s fitted to their learning style.”

EYC offers a unique, alternative learning program for students outside of the normal classroom. These offerings include educational therapies and counseling, learning disabilities and gifted testing services, private tutoring, test prep, social skills and small group classes, homeschooling partnerships and more. 

One-to-one instruction individualizes the learning process, allows students to work at a tailored pace, and addresses a range of learning styles and needs. EYC offers a competency-based approach with options of part- or full-time rolling enrollment, meaning each student has the benefit of a fully individualized program in a private setting.

The EYC model embraces the idea that it’s not about going to school – it’s about going places. Therefore EYC blends academics and therapeutic interventions so each student gets the benefit of a program with a comprehensive, state-approved curriculum supported by PAWs for reading and the core acceptance of the Love and Logic approach. EYC’s staff specializes in an array of issues such as depression and ADHD that can impact relationships, and they provide parent support groups and professional development as a result. 

Call EYC Academy today and see why it may be the right choice for your child.

195 Lamp and Lantern Village • Town & Country

(636) 220-3344

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