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O’Fallon begins water main replacement project in Forest Park subdivision

As of July 2018, construction on a long-range project in the city of O’Fallon officially began. The goal is to replace aging water mains throughout the city, starting with the Forest Park subdivision.

Repairs are slated for multiple neighborhoods and streets as part of the overall project, which the city has divided into five one-year smaller projects with a four-man crew to replace the old water main infrastructure at a rate of 1 mile of water main per project year.

The repairs come amid reported water main issues, including a break on July 15 that caused widespread low pressure and a precautionary boil advisory for an area west of Bryan Road, south of Veterans Memorial Parkway and north of Osage Meadows Drive.

In 2016, the city’s Water & Sewer Division contracted with an engineering firm to evaluate the water distribution system and create a city-wide plan for improvements. As a result, the Distribution System Capital Improvement Plan included a 20-year pipe replacement program. The program provided a tentative list of areas in need of attention. The criteria for the sorting was guided by multiple factors to determine project priority. However, when evaluating break history and risk assessment, the Forest Park Subdivision topped the list as the highest priority, according to the city website.

The first year of replacement will include St. Margaret Lane south of St. Joseph Avenue, St. Mathew Avenue south of St. Joseph Avenue, St. Joseph Avenue between St. Margaret and St. Mathew, Eggering Drive and Ronnie Drive south of Eggering.

Starting in 2019, water main replacement is scheduled to occur on Prince David Drive, St. Christopher Drive, Prince Rupert Drive, St. John Drive, St. Patrick Drive, Roland Avenue and Ronnie Drive between Eggering Drive and St. Patrick.

Nearby residents and property owners will be notified in advance of when crews will need to restrict access to driveways, sidewalks and other applicable roadways. Residents and property-owners also will be notified of service interruptions.

For more information and a tentative timeline of future projects, residents can visit ofallon.mo.us/water-and-sewer.

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