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Students honored at Family Stories Festival

Janessa Hoffman holding a copy of, “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13” which features one of her illustrations on the cover.

Five students from two St. Charles County schools were among the 24 young people recently honored at The Grannie Annie Family Stories Festival at the Missouri History Museum. The event was presented in collaboration with the museum and in conjunction with the recent publication of “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13.”

A 501[c][3] nonprofit based in St. Louis, The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration invites young people everywhere to interview people from an older generation of their family and to write about something interesting they learn from their family’s history. Authors are invited to submit illustrations with their stories.

The St. Charles County authors participating in the festival were: from Immaculate Conception in Dardenne Prairie, fifth-grader Ethan Wienstroer with “The Tornado” and sixth-graders Ilonka Guilliams with “The Backyard Coaster,” Alex Newman with “A Personal Situation” and Bella Pagano with “Love at First Sight.”

The St. Charles County artist participating in the Festival was Janessa Hoffmann, who recently graduated from Wentzville Middle. Hoffmann’s illustrations for the following stories were selected for publication: “Sammy’s Rough Road Trip” by Isabel Draper of Missouri, “Candy Thieves” by Ella Munz of Missouri, and “SOS – Saving Our Sand Dune” by Carolista Walsh of North Carolina. Hoffmann’s illustration for “SOS – Saving Our Sand Dune” was featured on the cover of “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13.” 

Authors whose stories were published in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13,” read their stories aloud at the festival, and artists read an artist’s statement about their published illustrations. Following the program, the students signed books for festival attendees.

Complete details about The Grannie Annie, including published stories and illustrations, can be found at TheGrannieAnnie.org.

Stories to be considered for publication in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 14,” must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2019. 

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