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Holt standout Hacker tabbed by Baltimore Orioles in 15th round of MLB Draft

Holt graduate Cody Hacker

Cody Hacker’s baseball future was set, or so he thought it was, until last Wednesday morning.

At the time, Hacker was relaxing, playing a video game with some friends.

That game got cut short because the recent Holt graduate was picked by the Baltimore Orioles in the 15th round of the Major League Baseball Draft.

“I was playing Fortnight, just to take my mind off of things because I knew it was coming up and I had my headset on,” Hacker said. One of my buddies was listening to it on the phone and one of my buddies kept refreshing twitter feed and then they both just  got kind of quiet and I looked at them and I took my headset off and I kind of looked at them and I heard my name get called.”

Hacker dropped his video game and immediately celebrated with his buddies.

It was a lifetime dream that came to fruition that morning for Hacker.

“It was pretty cool to hear my name called,” Hacker said. “I was pretty excited and the feeling right after I got the call was something I’ve never felt before and it was amazing.”

Hacker came into the draft committed to play college baseball at Jefferson College, but also expected he would get drafted sometime during the three-day event.

Since he got drafted so high, Hacker is planning to skip college and sign with the Orioles.

“I had talked to my parents, my trainer and my agent [before the draft] and I felt like I was ready for this, so we went ahead and made the decision, so I’m happy with the way everything has turned out,” Hacker said.

Hacker’s selection in the 15th round was a pleasant surprise as he got picked considerably higher than projected.

“I think him being a left-hander that has a fastball that runs around 91 miles-an-hour had a lot to do with that,” Holt coach Joel Adam said. “He’s always been blessed with a powerful left arm, and who would ever have thought that he would sign with the Baltimore Orioles as an 18-year-old kid. I’ve known Cody since he was 7 or 8 years old, so I’m very proud of him.”

A 5-foot-11, 180-pound, left-handed pitcher, Hacker came to Holt with a lot of promise and, in three years, became one the most dominant pitchers in St. Charles County and the GAC Central Conference.

He racked up 13 wins in three seasons as an Indian, and had a career-low 0.45 ERA as a junior.

As a senior, the hard-throwing lefty struck out 92 batters and walked just 22. Striking out hitters is Hacker’s calling card on the mound.

“I like to control everything when I’m out there, so that’s why strikeouts are kind of my thing,” Hacker said. “I intend to get strikeouts and do not intend to have [hitters] put the ball in play.”

Hacker has pinpoint control on the bump and he credits his father, Daniel, with helping develop that as a youngster.

“So, we would go out in the street and I would pitch to him on a little stool and he would never have me throw the ball down the middle, so it would be on the corner high-right, high-left or low-right,” Hacker said.

Holt has been blessed with some outstanding pitchers in recent years that have gone on to the Major Leagues that include 2004 alum Ross Detwiler, and 2008 alum Tim Melville.

Hacker went in the top 500 picks as 445 overall selection of the 2018 MLB draft.

He is likely to start his pro career in Sarasota, Florida, with the Orioles Gulf Coast League Rookie team later this week.

He is ready to live out his dream.

“It is amazing,” Hacker said. “I was telling my parents that ever since I was a little kid [and stepped] foot on the diamond. I’m sure it was other kids’ dreams too, but for it to actually be happening is insane.”

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