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Lake Saint Louis may do more to help homeowners suffering from ‘street creep’

Lake Saint Louis may be taking a more active role in helping its residents deal with the “street creep” that has shown up recently in local subdivisions.

Street creep refers to the movement of street concrete, which expands during hot weather and contracts during cold weather.  The result is concrete pushing driveway slabs into homes causing cracks in foundation walls.

Residents from the Townhomes at Prominence, on May 7, asked the city’s Board of Aldermen for help, saying their foundations are beginning to crack. Since 2004, the board has chosen not to pay for street creep damage, while other nearby cities, particularly O’Fallon, are helping their homeowners with repairs.

The board delayed action at the May 7 meeting but agreed, after a report by Koestel at its June 4 work session, to remedy street creep damage of individual homes by cutting out a narrow four-inch strip in affected homeowner’s driveways and adding fiberboard and other materials to limit the movement of concrete pressing up from the street. The city agreed to pick up the approximately $400 cost per home to add the expansion joint but City Administrator Paul Markworth said the city will not be paying for damage to the properties’ foundations.

City officials said some property owners may be facing repairs of up to $35,000 or more as well as a loss in property values. Townhouses of Prominence residents said earlier that they needed the preventative repair to limit further damage with summer heat coming.

Markworth said the money to pay for repairs will come from a city street fund.  There may be about 20 homes in the city facing the situation.

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