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Students lead the way

On May 3, more than 80 high school students from all three Francis Howell high schools presented their Project Lead The Way [PLTW] capstone projects for review.

PLTW provides a real-world, hands-on learning experience for students of all ages and provides students the ability to develop knowledge and skills through pathways in computer science, engineering and biomedical science.

The capstone projects were showcased to the public and presented to a judging panel of industry professionals.

Francis Howell Central seniors Christopher Steinbach, Caleb Babb and Nathanael Crowder presented their invention, “The Zapper.” As Steinbach explained, “The Zapper is a new and reinvented zipper. The name was originally a typo, an inside joke, but it stuck.”

Francis Howell North seniors Emily Fetsch and Breanna Jefferies developed a concept for a middle school Biomedical Science Camp that the district will implement this summer.

“We really want to give the students the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed,” Fetsch explained. 

For Francis Howell senior Vincent Andrew Kirov, PLTW classes helped to determine his career path. “I’m going to SLU as a pre-med student, and going to specialize in neuroscience,” Kirov said.

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