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Letter to the Editor: On the topic of gun laws

To the Editor:

I believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are “inalienable rights.”

Owning dangerous, inanimate objects should not be a constitutional right without any constraints. Any gun laws now in place are considered accepted “infringements” to unfettered access to firearms. Some examples are background checks, waiting periods, age restrictions, etc. Any new gun laws cannot be countered by the “shall not be infringed” argument since other gun laws are accepted. These accepted gun laws make the Second Amendment “shall not be infringed” irrelevant and obsolete.

Guns should be treated and controlled just like any other dangerous material that has to do with life and death.

The remedy has to be at the federal level to be uniform across all states.

At the federal level, ban any semi-automatic weapons that can hold a magazine, including handguns, the “go-to” weapon of choice in shooting crimes. Any new purchase should require an extensive background check. All guns, new and existing, should be registered and have a yearly license tax and insurance coverage at the state level. For those who do not comply, punishment is left up to the states.

Now, what to do with the existing semi-automatics out there. A federal buy-back program would need to be established with no “sunset” limit. The money would come from the license tax and fines. As an incentive, strong federal law should be enacted with mandatory federal prison time for anyone caught with any semi-automatic weapon. This is not a “confiscation” program. If you choose to keep yours, then you take your chances.

This gun issue is getting way out of hand and it’s going to take a very long time to get a handle on it.

The question we need to ask ourselves is why make it easier for someone to shoot a lot of innocent people in the shortest amount of time with semi-automatics? Weigh that against your need for a semi-automatic.

This action will take a very long time to make a difference, but we need to start somewhere. Any other ideas that help solve this problem are welcome.

Mike Alalof

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