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DuBray seventh-grader’s doodle impresses Google

Abbie Chartrand, a seventh-grader at Fort Zumwalt School District’s DuBray Middle, has been named the Missouri winner of the 10th annual Doodle 4 Google contest. From 200,000 submissions, Chartrand is one of 53 state and territory winners selected to compete for the five finalist spots. 

The contest asked artists “What inspires you?” and Chartrand, an aspiring marine biologist, showed the judges an underwater world via artistic doodle.

Chartrand’s doodle, titled “National Ocean Day, June 8, 2018,” shows a submarine submerged in bright blue water, surrounded by varying sizes and colors of fish and a snorkeler snapping underwater photos of them.

The word “Google” is cleverly spelled out within the doodle. 

A doodle from Abbie Chartrand, a seventh-grader at DuBray Middle and an aspiring marine biologist. Abbie’s doodle has been named the Missouri winner of the 10th annual Doodle 4 Google contest and is now in the running for a national finalist spot.

“This is a doodle of an amazing underwater adventure that I’ve dreamed of since I was three,” a quote from Chartrand accompanying the entry said. “This inspires me because I’ve wanted to go to college to become a marine biologist since I was two, and this is what I imagine my daily adventures would be like.”

Art teacher Tiffany Scraper incorporates the doodle contest with her students each year, either as a classroom or art club activity.

“Abbie finished her drawing at home, and completed the additional requirements [a brief written statement and parent permission] to formally submit it to the competition,” Scraper said.

Recently, Google representatives came to DuBray Middle to surprise Chartrand with the announcement, which her parents found out about ahead of time.

“It was so hard to keep it from her,” mom, Michelle, said as she and her husband, Dan, left the assembly. Michelle was carrying her new tote featuring the doodle while Dan held onto a new ChromeBook. Chartrand was sporting the T-shirt she won featuring her award-winning doodle.

“She knew there would be an e-mail and, for a few days, she kept asking me if I had checked it,” Michelle said. “Then, when she stopped asking, I wondered if she just figured she hadn’t won.”

Voting closed on Friday, May 18. If Chartrand wins, her doodle would be displayed at the top of the Google homepage and she would receive a $30,000 college scholarship as well as $50,000 worth of technology for her school. 

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