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First-ever St. Charles County STEM Olympics

Students compete at the first-ever St. Charles County-wide STEM Olympics.

The first St. Charles County-wide STEM Olympics event was hosted by the Wentzville School District last month at Wentzville Middle. Over 100 students from Francis Howell, Fort Zumwalt, City of St. Charles, and Orchard Farm school districts joined Wentzville School District students in grades K-8 to compete in small group design challenges.

For the past four years, Wentzville has held a district-wide STEM Olympics. This year, other county school districts followed suit and held their own district-wide events in preparation for the first county-wide STEM Olympics. During the district competitions, students who won at the building level were asked to engineer a product with specific materials in a constrained amount of time. Winners from those competitions were invited to the St. Charles County STEM Olympics where students were also provided an engineering challenge and the materials to complete it.

The following teams were named 2018 St. Charles County STEM Olympics champions:

• Kindergarten: Addison Dill, Emily Greminger and Reese Koskela from Callee Barrett’s class at Discovery Ridge Elementary [Wentzville]

• First grade: Aiden Hoffman, Spencer Nelson and Haden Hurster from Suzanne Hayes’ class at John Weldon Elementary [Francis Howell]

• Second grade: Jordyn Crouch, Ben Ginnever and Ella Kleszczewski from Kristin Bemis’ class at Heritage Primary [Wentzville]

• Third grade: Kaiden Bax, Madeine Homar and Ben Reid from Mrs. Elizabeth Delcour’s class at Discovery Ridge Elementary [Wentzville]

• Fourth grade: Braden Gee, Kamryn Colburn and Reilly Sheff from Jennifer Gorton’s class at Stone Creek Elementary [Wentzville]

• Fifth grade: Frank Berkbigler from Rich Curran’s class, Lindsay Brazee from Sarah Pickle’s class, and Brayden Cahoon from Kayla Alexander’s class at Wabash Elementary [Wentzville]

• Sixth grade: Alex Kamp, Brendan Westley and Kenny Brazil from Eleanna Liscombe’s class at Orchard Farm Middle [Orchard Farm]

• Seventh grade: Arthi Kondapaneni and Molly Linck from Kimberly Wright’s class at Frontier Middle [Wentzville]

• Eighth grade: Maddie Shelton and Luis Ochoa from Eleanna Liscombe’s class at Orchard Farm Middle [Orchard Farm]

“We were thrilled with the school district participation and the turnout,” Wentzville School District’s Math Content Leader Katherine Schack said. “The students were able to interact and learn from one another, which was precisely what we hoped would happen. We are looking forward to watching this event grow each year.”

Schack and Wentzville School District’s Science Content Leader Meghan Aydelott are co-chairs for the event.

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