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When considering home remodeling it pays to do your homework

Dalco Home Remodeling – Home ownership is never dull. There always seems to be something that needs tending from improvement projects such as kitchen and baths to mandatory items such as windows and roofs.

While the DIY Network has convinced millions of homeowners that no job is too big to handle yourself, the truth is that homeowners who want to maximize their home’s value should leave the big jobs to the professionals.

Mike Nolde, who manages the interior side of things for Dalco Home Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath, says the No. 1 thing homeowners can do to ensure a successful remodel is to ask questions. The first one is “who should I use?”

Check sources that rate companies such as the Better Business Bureau, HomeAdviser and Angie’s List. Ask a friend.

Check out reviews. Get referrals. Nolde warns that the lowest price on a home remodeling project isn’t always the best deal.

“But by all means check it out,” Nolde advises. “We have customers for whom we have done the roof, siding, kitchen and baths. We call them our Dalco family and they call their homes Dalco homes.”

That’s the ideal relationship for homeowners who want to have a professional they can trust whether it’s to help them complete a remodel or simply to ask a question such as “What can I put on my granite countertops?” or “What’s the best way to clean double hung windows?”

Expertise plays a vital role in making sure the job is done right. You wouldn’t ask an electrician to do your taxes or a CPA to rewire your home. Picking the right team to do the job is critical, so is choosing the right product. Nolde uses bathtub cover-ups as an example.

“We often get asked if we install over existing tubs. The answer is no and here’s why: mold, rot, old leaking valves and pipes, rust and so on often hide in the walls of bathrooms that hold old tubs. Why? Because it’s not just the tub that is old,” Nolde says. “We encourage customers to look at their bathrooms and ask themselves if they want just to cover it up or do they want a whole new bathroom free from the problems of age and wear.”

Nolde adds that the installation of a new tub is often less expensive than covering up an old one.

He said his best advice, whether putting in a kitchen or bath, adding siding, or replacing windows or a roof is “do your research.”

“Don’t be one of those people who say to their friends, I wish I’d looked into this a little more,” Nolde advises. “It’s almost always cheaper to do it right the first time.”

Here are some questions to ask before hiring a home remodeling professional:

• How long have has this company been in this business?

• Is this company licensed to work in this state?

• Can I see the company’s certificate of insurance?
• Who will obtain required permits and set up inspections for this job?

• What is the timeline for completion?

• Who will be supervising the work on my home?

• What is the protocol for handling unforeseen and, therefore, not cost estimated changes?

• How will additional charges be dealt with?

• Are warranties offered on workmanship and materials? If so, what are they?

• What if, during the course of the project, something comes up on which we do not agree? How are disputes handled?

“We’ve been family-owned for over 45 years,” Nolde says of Dalco. “Plus, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And we have unique expertise, such as manufacturing our own replacement windows for a truly custom fit. Those are the types of qualities homeowners should look for when hiring someone to work on their home – experience, expertise and a proven track record.”

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