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Francis Howell seniors honored at 4.0 Luncheon

By: Ellen Lampe

Francis Howell seniors celebrate their stellar grade point averages at the district’s annual 4.0 Luncheon.

The Francis Howell School District honored 255 graduating seniors from Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, and Francis Howell North high schools at a special luncheon held in their honor at Old Hickory Golf Club on Friday, April 6. This group of FHSD seniors achieved a grade point average of 4.0 or above.

The 4.0 Luncheon is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding young adults that have achieved the highest academic standard possible in the Francis Howell School District.

“I look forward to celebrating the 4.0 Luncheon every year. It is an opportunity to honor the best and brightest in the Francis Howell School District,” said Francis Howell Central Principal Dr. Sonny Arnel. “These students have dedicated themselves to academics, attendance and involvement over the past four years, to become the successful students and future leaders they are today.”


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