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Letters to the Editor: May 2

Too much trash

To the Editor:

I have lived in O’Fallon, Missouri, my whole life and, as each year has passed, I have seen the city of O’Fallon grow to be a great city.

Every time I read the paper, I learn about new projects in the works for the city, which is great!  The only issue I have is all the trash on the sides of the road and really everywhere besides in front of the new courthouse and parks. I don’t blame the city for that but maybe instead of focusing on new diamond interchanges they need to focus on a solution for cleaning up what’s already here.

Ronnie Seat

Not happy with ‘Random Thoughts’

To the Editor:

Once upon a short time ago, I used to wait with anticipation for the next issue of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, that is no longer the case. This is in regards to the “Random Thoughts” column that eventually replaced Thomas Sowell’s column.

There were many people, including myself, that enjoyed and looked forward to Dr. Sowell’s commentary and likewise, there were several who disagreed with his perspective. They would let their thoughts be known in the next issue.

The “Random Thoughts” column just does not have the intellectual quality of Dr. Sowell and even of the few guest authors you had briefly after his retirement. Who cares what TV star someone would like to change places with for a day?

There seems to be no lack of diverse opinion on the current political climate in our country, state and community. Why not invite opposing points of view to write commentaries on specific subjects and run them side by side. This would allow individuals to weigh the merits of each opinion themselves and make informed decisions on topics such as right to work, immigration, tax cuts, gun control, state or federal budget, welfare reform. The list is very long.

For the sake of goodwill, try to stay away from the tabloid topics, although I will say that the article “Pack up the Big Top” was excellent. The letter from Bob Hoff about the Constitutional Convention was also very enlightening.

If you could not tell from the first paragraph, I tend to lean toward the conservative side but I always want to know who, what, when and why the other side believes or feels the way they do.  Only by engaging in civil discourse will we be able to solve some of the issues that face us today.

It has long been my contention that news magazines or papers should provide unbiased fact but, when there are clearly two sides to an issue, why not let the opposing factions both have equal opportunity to lay out their case. The Mid Rivers Newsmagazine could be an excellent venue to share opposing points of view.

John Kallash

The voters lose

To the Editor:

Well, according to your editorial of April 18, we might as well give up, the enemy has won!

However, it’s getting so tiresome that we feel we must give up and let these people have their way and deprive the good voters in Missouri of their choice for governor. The entire debacle is pure partisan politics and we shouldn’t give in to it.

Yes, there are losers: the voters! But the Democrats consider themselves winners because their goal is to put the governor out of office.

Your editorial is speaking a great deal of “double talk.” One minute you’re saying “everyone” has an agenda [not everyone] and the next minute you’re acknowledging the crimes against the governor, such as accusations without picture proof. Where’s the beef? Then, you’re accusing him of naked ambition. How about, in your editorial, sticking with facts and truth regarding this case against the governor, instead of remarks such as “just another man who is far too human” and “naked ambition,” etc., etc.?

Gov. Greitens did not do this while in office, as President Clinton did. He did not commit a crime in having consensual sex with this woman, however wrong that was. It was over and forgiven several years ago. Nor has it been proven that he did anything against the woman’s will. We all understand that this woman was probably paid by George Soros and/or his ilk, to come against Gov. Greitens, in order to run him out of office. His past is over and shouldn’t disqualify him as governor.

This witch hunt is laid at the door of the Democrats, who hate that they lost the election. They don’t care how much this will cost the taxpayers, as long as they keep their power. Put the blame for the cost on the Democrats who did this!

By the way, where is that “perfect human” candidate? If we keep up these witch hunts, no one will run for office! Ah, but that would make the Democrats happy because they will be the only people running for office and they would be OK, just like Bill and Hillary.

Barbara Duggan Spence

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