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Random Thoughts: A Community Conversation with Mayor Sally Faith

This week, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine talks with St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith. Faith began her second term as mayor in April 2015. Previously, she represented St. Charles County [District 15] in the Missouri House of Representatives in 2004. There, she served on three committees: appropriations-general administration, higher education, and insurance policy. Faith has served on the St. Charles County Council [District 5] and as a St. Charles Community College trustee. Additionally, she has served on the board of directors of Bridgeway, Focus St. Louis, Connections to Success, New Frontier Bank, Habitat for Humanity and the Foundry Art Centre.

Mayor Sally Faith [left] with Officer Shelley Shirk and Lilly, one of the city’s police horses. [City of St. Charles photo]

What is the most historic thing to happen in your lifetime?

Going along the line of patriotism and people, I wanted to be a part of the government and I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of many levels of government. I was on the first board of trustees for the St. Charles Community College. I was one of six that was elected. I was on the St. Charles County Council for several years, then I went to Jefferson City as a state rep with the Missouri House of Representatives. The voters voted for me, bless their hearts. When I was term-limited in Jefferson City, I came home to St. Charles, and I always wanted to be mayor. Then, I was elected to mayor. I’m very appreciative and fortunate for that. I know it’s not just because I’m a woman. I know that I work hard, and I try to communicate. I think all those things are what make life successful.

If you had a personal flag, what would you put on it?

I would put on that flag a photo of another flag. A flag inside a flag that would talk about my commitment and my feelings about the United States. I’m very patriotic, is what I’m trying to say. And the flag would also say “Sally’” on it.

What is something you think happens in our country that people from other countries might find strange or bizarre?

We have a sister city in Germany. Ludwigsburg, Germany is [St. Charles’] sister city. They come here, and we go over there. We also have an Irish sister city [Carndonagh, Ireland] and vice versa. The students exchange places, and they come back and forth … they come and they tour our jails and our schools, and I just love it … The fact that a woman is a mayor, I think they’re impressed by it.


What is the hardest lesson that you have ever learned?

That’s a good question. I’ll tell you what, the lesson that Jefferson City taught me was that you can’t give up, and you can’t do it in a hurry. I have carried that over. You might take four steps forward and 10 backward, but you can’t give up. That’s hard for me, but I keep going. If it’s something that’s really important for you, you keep going.

What TV show character might be fun to change places with for a week?

I would like to be on a talk show because I could talk – forever and ever. I always thought that I could never make a living at selling something, but I realized that all you’re doing is talking about something you’re sold on. If I’m sold on the job, or I’m sold on the article, or I’m sold on the vacation or I’m sold on the dress or whatever, I could talk about it forever.

What do you think you do better than 90 percent of people?

Well, the word ‘better’ is a word to struggle with. What I think that I’m good at is reaching out to people and talking to them and asking questions. I get [rejected] once in a while when I reach out, but I don’t stop and I keep going. I guess that’s a form of communication. I love communicating, and I think I do a really good job at that. I’ll tell you one thing that really helps me in relation to that. I have a slogan, and it’s “Keep Faith in Government” because my last name is Faith. I have used that ever since I started running in politics. The first time, it was “Put Faith in Government.” Nobody remembers the name Sally, but they remember Faith. It’s catchy, and I’ve carried that. Now it’s “Keep Faith in Government” but I’ve carried that as my campaign slogan, and I say that because I really like to have catchy things. “If it’s Happening, it’s Happening in St. Charles.” Things like that. I think my communication skills are pretty good, and that I’m reachable. It is easy to get burned out and just withdraw. So, it’s my responsibility, for me and nobody else, to say, “Sally, it’s time to shut the door and not talk to anyone for three days. On Saturday and Sunday, just veg out and hug the cats.” I’m the one who has to do that. Nobody else can do that. You think all the time, “I just have to go, go, go.” You can’t go, go, go. We’re human, in politics and in our everyday lives. Our work, our jobs, our this and that, we need to find that spot. The last thing is that I have to like myself, and I read books. Healthy-self books and other stuff. We have to keep charging ourselves.


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